PCT Application in China

PCT application in China (Entering into the National Phase)

1)Order Letter, indicating the title of invention; PCT patent application number & Int’l filing date; the English name & address of the applicant/inventor (for the foreign client) as well as the designated Chinese name & address (or entrust us to translate from English into Chinese); the filing date & application number of the basic application (if the convention priority is claimed).
  2)Power of Attorney executed by the applicant (notarization or legalization is not needed), may be late-submitted within 2 months from the Chinese entering date.
  3)Int’l Publication Text of PCT Patent Application, including the published Abstract; Description; Drawing & Claim. If the PCT patent application has not been published yet, the applicant should provide the copy of the original Int’l application specification.
  4)Int’l Search Report (Form PCT/ISA/210)

Int’l Preliminary Examination Report (Form PCT/IPEA/409), the Annexes (if any) i.e. the amended sheets of the application documents under the Article 34 of PCT should also be provided together with the Text.

Note: The applicant of PCT application should transact the procedure for making the PCT application to enter the national phase proceeding in China within 30 months from the first priority date or the Int’l filing date (if no convention priority is claimed). If the said 30 months is overdue, it is possible to enter the Chinese national phase within 2 months from the expiration date by paying the additional grace fee.


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