Patent Application for Invention

1)Order Letter, indicating the title of invention; the English name & address of the applicant/inventor (for the foreign client); the designated Chinese name & address (or entrust us to translate from English into Chinese) as well as the filing date & application number of the basic application (if the convention priority is claimed and the priority period of a patent application for invention is 12 months from the filing date of the basic application).    
   2)Specification (Description + Claim + Drawing + Abstract + Drawing of Abstract).       
   3)Power of Attorney executed by the applicant (notarization or legalization is not needed), may be late-submitted within 2 months from the Chinese filing date.         
   4)Priority Document, may be late-submitted within 3 months from the Chinese filing date (if the applicant of basic application indicated in the priority document is not identical with the one of Chinese application, a form of Assignment for basic application right executed by the former is needed).
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