Application for Trademark Registration

1) Order Letter, in which the applicant’s name & address in English, the designated Chinese
name & address (or entrust us to translate from English into Chinese), trademark/service-mark and detailed designated goods/service-items, should be indicated according to Nice Classification;
2)Original Power of Attorney (signature or seal for foreign natural person or legal person and Chinese natural person; company seal for Chinese legal person);
3)7 sets of mark with the size of 7cm × 7cm just as below. If the color is claimed, 7 color prints of mark should be submitted.
4)Identity document for foreign natural person and Chinese natural person (Copy of ID Card orBusiness License);
5)Priority Documents (if the right of priority is claimed), should be submitted when filing or supplemented within 3 months from the filing date (No extension of time limit can be further allowed).
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