The heart of ZBSD on Impoverished Mountain Areas, Help the Children to Realize Their Dreams

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Books are the children's windows of the world and the mind. To improve the lack of learning resources for children in impoverished mountainous areas, the company launched the theme of "Rose as Gifts, hand-lingering incense; books as transferred, knowledge-sharing "charity donation activities. The entire staffs actively respond to the call, and enthusiastically participate in the donation activities. A total of 500 books children's teaching and learning books were collected in a short week.

All kinds of children's teaching and learning books 500 volumes



 Colleagues send books to China to remote mountainous areas via post


    Living in the big city, we thank the gift of the times. And we are grateful for the rich life. Books, television, the Internet make ensure we can feel the colorful world around us. But while we enjoy them all, in the poor mountainous areas, there are many children. Due to the lack of resources, they may have not been out of that mountain since their births. They cannot afford books, let alone extra-curricular readings. But they are eager to know, to read, and to contact the outside world.
   Presumably when the little ones received these books, they would be very happy and they might dance. They will cherish these hard-won books, and will sincerely thank us. We believe that the strength of the cohesion of love will make the world a better place!
   We only sent books, but the children will harvest dreams. In this full of harvest atmosphere, the children will realize their dreams!


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